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Friday, February 26th 2016


hva skal jeg gjøre med denne bloggen

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litt vanskelig -- har ikke brukt den på en stund men har ikke lyst til å miste den heller 

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Friday, February 26th 2016


hva skal jeg gjøre med denne bloggen

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litt vanskelig -- har ikke brukt den på en stund men har ikke lyst til å miste den heller 

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Monday, January 24th 2011


At the Comedy

2010 6 3 Rervyen Helt på Knea med RMCK

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I've been on summer revue in Hønefoss, this year called  Down to your knees. It was the MC club that invited members to the Comedy and dinner. We had a lovely dinner at Bella Blue, it was a very happy bunch.

The comedy was great, I cheered and laughed all the time.
Lots of good points and songs, it's a wonderful bunch. All agreed that it was great and we had a great time
Afterwards we had a night cup at Two Brothers. I have to end early I am going to a bike meet at Fredrikstad called Blues camp.

Thanks for the fun.

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Wednesday, November 24th 2010



It’s Wednesday morning and as usual I have got my grandchildren of to school and kindergarten. I pick them up on Tuesday and we spend the evening together. That is now the girls are coming on the bus from Sokna School. There are different activities going on, Markus love to make waffles. Malene is doing her homework and between she steaks the waffles. Emilie has attended some dancing lessons; they are going to have a performing at school before Christmas.

Now I am having a good cup of coffee wile I read my email.

Later I am going to sell some coffee machines and some coffee, the best coffee.


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Sunday, November 21st 2010


Gests for Bacalao

2010 11 21 Gjester til Bacalao

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Yesterday I had some friends here for dinner Rita, Lill-Tove and Lise. Rita and I got Bacalao when we were in Lofoten this summer and it was very good. So I've thought about it for a long time that I would make one like that Bacalao.
There were thousands of recipes online, and one at the surface of the packs of fish that I bought.
So as usual, I look over a few recipes and look for the content and then I make my own.  And it was if I may to say so myself, very good and we eat a lot for a long time.

Standard dessert at my house is Pears with whipped cream on top I have crust bread fried with sugar.

And of course the best coffee there is from Malongo.


We are trying on my crocheted hats; I hope to sell them to my friends.




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Friday, November 19th 2010


Christmas Party with my biker club

2010 11 19 Julebord

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 Ann and I have arranged the Christmas party for our Mc club this year.


It has been a pleasure, and it is so easy and nice when so many volunteers to help.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that we've had a great Christmas party.

Every one brought their good humor and used it for the common good.

We know how to have fun so we kept going until bright morning for most of the people.

Thanks every one for a great evening.



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Thursday, November 11th 2010


It is my life

Some years ago I had a terrible summer inside and outside. The rain was pouring down. And my heart was broken. I decided then that I would never take three weeks holiday at one time anymore and I would never let the weather take the best of me.

I am the one to decide whether I am having a great day or not, not the circumstances. 


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Saturday, November 6th 2010


Party whit OWB mc bikers from Notodden

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2010 11 6 Fest med OWB på motorsenteret i Notodden


This weekend I attended a Party at Notodden.  It was OWB Mc club that held a party for members and friends. OWB stands for Old Wise and Beautiful. I am Old Wise and Brave so that’s ok. We were at this motor center and the party started with us driving ATV at the track.



It was great fun. The first round my body was rigid and intractable, and I did not quite know how to get around the track.

Second round I did better and I felt that this is fun.

Third round, this is great fun, starting to get the hang of it now. It’s not a circular path if you believed so, it goes straight up and straight down, sharp turns, bumpy, grooved, and sandy, you have to hang on up to the ATV and whiz away.

Fourth round, this is really fun, but we have to quit no. When can I do this again I don’t want to quit.  

So it is home to John and Lillian, we need to get out of the driving cloth and be ready for the next part of the party.
It is delicious buffet, lots of food and lots of accessories.
OWB is a wonderful bunch and I have a nice party with them. We are not finished before 05 + + in the morning.
Thank you for a nice day.


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Saturday, October 9th 2010


Is it the last day with my bike this year?

Thursday, 30 September 2010

The last day of biking this year?

2010 Bilder til blogg En Vemodig dag

I Call Olav (the man ho fix my bike)today and wonder whether he can accept my bike today to  check before I'll stor it for the winter. Then the bike will be gone for some days. And I reckon that it is therefore the last day for driving today. Ann said that she can follow me so that I have a ride home, nice to have good friends. The weather is absolutely brilliant and I smile and dance my way toword Olav and Langedrag. Enjoying every mil and think of some of the tours earlier this summer.


Photos of my thought this day


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Monday, September 20th 2010


Dagny and Turid in Alanya Turkey

2010 bilder til blogg Tyrkia

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Sunday 19 September 2010.
We are starting our travel to day, Dagny and I'm going to Alanya in Turkey. We are staying at SunFamily Hacibey apartment hotel. We have one bedrooms and a living room with kitchen and a balcony. We travel from Dagny at 1500. The airplane leaves at 1835. Good to have enough time, no stress. The plane is delayed and don’t leave until 1910, but we enjoy ourselves with a beer and look forward to the trip.
The flight takes no more than about 4 hours, but with the driving and waiting and the bus we had been traveling for 12 hours when we arrived at hotel Hacibey. We sleep well and fast, but we have to set the alarm at 0900, because we have things to do tomorrow.

Monday, 20 September 2010.
We enjoy and packages for beach while we drink breakfast on the veranda, Baileys and coffee, then we have covered most of the vitamins and minerals. We have ordered Hamam in Mahmutlar, they have free pick up. We were there last year at the European Beauty and were very satisfied. Dirty gutters and old skin disappear, now we are really polished and ready for the sun. Now it's time for massage, and it's lovely. Dagny have pedicures and eyebrow pluck, I'll cut my hair, no more split ends. It takes its time, we were finished at about 1400 and then it was time for lunch, it must be quick and easy so it will be two beer at the nearest bar.
So we go for the beach, where we were last year, where it’s time for proper lunch, omelet is nice.
We take a bath while we wait for the food, finally, for that is the goal of the journey, sand and water.

Back in Alanya, we went to Me casa es so casa which is a restaurant right across the street from the hotel and had dinner there. We are very tired and ready to go to bed early. But  "home" we take a baileys and talk until it gets late.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010.
Today we have no agreements, so we sleep. Then the late breakfast, coffee + and graciously a dry crisp bread that is wet on one side. We take the hotel bus to the beach, here we will be all day and it's going to be so delicious. I'm a bit like jumping and tjo and cheer and 4 knots splits, so I take responsibility for refreshments, nice. For lunch there will be omelet, it's not good with too many changes at once, so we are running a little: know what we get.
When we are going home we can’t find Dagny`s shorts she has simply gone off her pants. But on reflection we remember she hung it in the "ceiling" on the shade of our first place. But we changed the bedding as we would have completely flat beds, it was then it happened, so then I jumped out to find the pants. It’s ok the guys had taken care of it. On the way home we had fish soup. Not something to brag about, but there were some proteins there in the form of shrimps. But it helps with beer and raki. We go home and have to ask for directions in every street corner, for the way seems unlikely and we do not want to go too far astray. After the instructions we had yesterday when we were going to take a bus from downtown to the hotel and ended up on a real trip up the mountain side, we are somewhat skeptical about advice on route choices. It was a nice tour, but we sat on the bus and enjoyed the views and local color, fun. But we will not be exposed to that today when we are on foot. But then suddenly we are “home”, and now it will be good with a siesta.
After siesta, we took a taxi to Mahmutlar. We will be visiting Sunny Bar, where we spent so much time last year when we were in Turkey. We are warmly received and it is very nice to be back. We had onion soup and it was very good. We said we got a taxi to visit them and he gave himself over, for they have free pick-up service so we could have just called. But then he will drive us home anyway. There will be drinks and eventually I "have to" do the table dance. Dagny says she has been seeing forward to that, so so it must just be. She takes a picture of me and sends it to her daughter Karianne and says: Turid in familiar pose. Last year we were all gathered on the table in Sunny Bar. So it's time to go home and as promised, the owner drives us to the hotel door. Lovely evening.

 Wednesday, 22 sept. 2010.
We sleep late, it was quite late yesterday. Dagny is going to by new glasses. Now she cannot find her glass recepy, and cannot remember the name of the store. So for a period it’s quite tiring. Then finely she fined the name of the store on the eyeglass wiping cloth and the day is saved. We go to town and Dagny will arrange for glasses. Meanwhile, I go and get repaired bracelets that we’ve brought from Norway. Defective locks are fixed and the bracelets look like new. Cost almost nothing. Dagny also bought a belly dancer skirt (she goes on the belly dancing course), and I buy harem pants. So we had a late lunch and are ready for the beach. We are on the other side of town and ends up on the beach closest to the Castle on the little mountain. The whole beach is called Cleopatra beach and is divided into sections, here is No. 2 and yesterday we were at No. 17.

Thursday, 23 September 2010
Breakfast standard, beach, water, sand, lunch, beach, water, 2lunsj, siesta, dinner, late happy hour at the hotel, good night.

Friday, 24 September 2010
I am awakened with coffee and baileys of a belly dancer. Dagny has woken up early and it's boring to be alone so I have to be awakened preferably with a smile. The day spent at the beach as usual, we are now at No. 15 Great weather and good water.

Later after a powernap at the hotel room, we will travel to Oba to visit Jorunn and Kjell Magne. We decide to take the bus. This is always fun. The bus goes right past the hotel and we start the tour. After a long bus ride, stopping at every corner, it turns out that the driver has forgotten to tell us were to leave, so we sitting to the final destination and must be with 1 km back. This is so nice, and we are dropped off at the corner and Jorunn and Kjell Magnar standing and waving on the porch in a block. Do not need a taxi when the driver stops at the right place and tell us were to go, it all went well this time also. After a little walk up into their apartment, very nice, we went to their regular place where we had meatballs in clay pot. Enjoyed ourselves and danced some Turkish folk dancing. (Known pose) So it was time to catch the 12 bus home.
It appeared when we reached the main street, but this one went to Alanya bus stop center. Well shit happens. Bus driver asked if we would go to disco, we said no thanks. Then he put on disco music and disco lightning, driving like an idiot. He probably thought he was funny we to for a little time. Once in Alanya, we took a taxi home. We stopped by the pool bar for a night cup. There, we were invited to Hollywood disco club in town by the owner( of this club) and his friend from Denmark who lived in the hotel, but we - the good girls we are - goes nicely to our room to have a god night’s sleep

Saturday, 25 September 2010.
The day starts as the last day and the day before. Breakfast - consists of regular coffee baileys and a little crisp.

We walk to the beach and enjoy the sun, the heat and the water.
Today we will have dinner at the hotel. Good food here. After dinner, which is mixed grill, very good, we order free pick up and go to retrieve Dagny`s glasses. When the deal is done the owner invites us to a restaurant nearby for a drink. He sits there with some Danish friends, a married couple on vacation in Alanya, Else Marie and Freddy and one of his employees Turgay. We are enjoying ourselves and chatting about Norway and Denmark and glasses. Al - the holder of the eyeglass shop take a Whisky or 2, but will still drive us home. Well it went well, he lived nearby the hotel. So it`s time to sleep a few hours. Tomorrow we have to pack we are returning home.

Sunday, 26 September 2010.

This is the last morning at Hacibey. We need to get out of baileys, so it is not so heavy to carry home. We puzzle and pack. Turid hurtling around, a lot of creams and stasj to be sorted and packaged - is taken up again and sorted again and In between a sip of coffee. Will it be done before 12? It is, and so we walk to the beach. It is going to be a long day at the beach because now we do not have a room and we my just as well stay at the beach. So we will be there as long as we can. Back at the hotel we shower at pool shower and change cloths in the bathroom. We had a Delicious late dinner at the hotel while we wait for the bus to leave for the airport at 2200.

Yet a lovely holiday Thank you

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